disability insurance


Do you have life insurance but no disability?

Statistics show that your chances of becoming disabled and unable to earn a living are 3-5 times greater than dying (depending on your age) during your working years. What if you become disabled? How would your family continue to maintain their standard of living with no income? Disability insurance can replace a significant part of your after tax income so you can afford to pay for things like your mortgage, health insurance, utilities and the needs of everyday life during the period you are disabled and unable to work.


For the Employer a short and long term disability program is key to getting disabled workers back to work as quickly as possible. Losing a highly trained employee due to an accident or illness resulting in a disability can cost your company money. Do you have a comprehensive plan to protect you and those you depend on to run your business?

Below is a list of some of the Disability Companies we work with:



Principle Financial