Land as your legacy

Agricultural Estate Planning has never been easier than with IPS Advisory Services and the program:

Nationwide Land As Your Legacy

Have you developed a transition plan for when it’s time to pass down the farm?

Nationwide’s Land As Your Legacy® program helps provide security to families engaged in the agricultural community so that the land and businesses that you have worked for generations will be preserved and remain a legacy for generations to come.

There are 5 key elements in the transition planning process that you should consider. Watch this video to learn more:

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Put together a farm transition plan

Farmers have unique needs when it comes to transition planning. They typically have a lot of non-liquid assets, such as the land and the equipment needed to farm that land. A successful farm transition plan can help you:

  • Preserve your legacy
  • Safeguard the value created by your operation
  • Set up an orderly transition of ownership and management
  • Provide for financial basics
  • Turn non-liquid assets into cash to cover taxes and expenses
  • Identify and manage risks
While legal structure, estate documents, business documents and financial instruments are all important to a successful farm transition plan, it couldn’t happen without people. Your farm agent can bring in a team of specialists from the following areas: life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, mutual funds, advanced consulting and independent agencies.